The Enigma TDD Workshop


This 3 day workshop will sharpen your test-driven-development skills, teach code review, and it does it all through the example of the German Enigma Machine.


Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

-Winston Churchill

The Enigma is the legendary encyption machine that Nazi Germany used before and during the second world war to communicate secret messages. These messages were called ‘Ultras’. Later, when the code was broken by the British, they became known as ‘Ultra-Intercepts’. At the time, the code breaker operation at Bletchley Park was top secret, but Ultra Intercepts have become a household name because of their appearance in movies and books. The relevance of the work at Bletchley for the outcome of the war can’t be understated – some historians say it shortened it by two years.

During this workshop we’ll re-engineer the Enigma in software, using TDD and object-oriented design.

The workshop, like the work done at Bletchley, will be a hands-on application of latest technology in engineering in an intensive environment. You will spend days learning the theory and practice of modern software engineering with the Enigma Machine as the backdrop. You will build the machine test first, complete with automated user tests. The resulting design will be concise, using object-oriented design principles – which you will also learn. Additionally, you’ll learn:

  • Code review
  • Problem specification
  • Test oracles

This intense, fully hands on workshop takes three days to complete. The only questions is: are you ready for the challenge? Contact Us.