The Butterfly Flaps Its Wings


We  hosted a workshop on how early decisions can have a major impact on the outcome of a project.


In June 2012, Steve Freeman, author of Growing Object-Oriented Software, and Jamie Dobson, Ugly Duckling’s founder, held a workshop at the Software Practice Advancement conference. The workshop was a systematic investigation into the effects of early design decisions on a system’s later structure.

Steve and Jamie first developed this workshop in London in late 2011. Ugly Duckling was, at the time, working on two difficult problems with two clients. The first client was collecting data from numerous sources which changed over time. The other client was developing anti-virus software. Jamie wanted to come up with a way to teach test-driven-development that tested his students’ limits. It was at that time that he got the idea of building a software version of the German code breaking machine, the Enigma.