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We work in all aspects of financial engineering including technical strategy, Agile and Lean transformation, coaching and the design, maintenance, and the deployment of financial libraries (APIs).

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is about getting accurate feedback, as quickly as possible about your whole development process.

The Enigma TDD Workshop

This 3 day workshop will sharpen your test-driven-development skills, teach code review, and it does it all through the example of the German Enigma Machine.

Lean Transformation

We can help finance companies to ‘go Lean’ – a process that can markedly improve your performance.

Product Development

Ugly Duckling specializes in building software products ranging from single-user, single-threaded test Oracles all the way to multi-user, multi-threaded derivative pricers.


We are particularly experienced in analysis and our skills are in demand from some of the world’s largest  media, finance and software companies.


Ugly Duckling has developed its own software – what we call Robots – to help automate the processing of large amounts of data. Our Robots can be used to remove risk and effort from the work associated with data processing. They can also be used to collect data on data, which is essential during a transition towards Lean financial engineering.