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In order to spread knowledge and build connections, we often visit and speak at conferences. For those who couldn’t attend, a summary of our talks is here.

Hands-On: Continuous Deployment

On the 15th of September 2012 we will host a free one-day Continuous Delivery workshop in Amsterdam with industry expert Robert Chatley. The workshop will be a hands-on tutorial giving the opportunity to experience rapid automated release and continuous deployment techniques.

Belgium Test Days, 2011

We presented the Conservative to Radical Matrix at the Belgium Test Days conference – a model created from a combination of experiences.

XPDays 2010 – Group Dynamics

At XPDays 2010 we participated in a workshop about group dynamics. We looked at Bruce Tuckman’s model and how that related to Transactional Analysis. Importantly, we also looked into group behavior and how that relates to transformation (or lack of it).

It Won’t Work, It Won’t Work, It Won’t Work. It Worked

At the Testing and Finance Conference in Germany we presented a case study that showed how we transformed a financial company from a level 1, ad hoc, organisation into a level 2, managed organisation.  We did this by combining management techniques with testing techniques.