Conferences »

In order to spread knowledge and build connections, we often visit and speak at conferences. For those who couldn’t attend, a summary of our talks is here.

Slide deck ‘The Evolution of Continuous Delivery’

The deck for ‘The Evolution of Continuous Delivery’ at XPDays Benelux 2012 can be found here

Hands-On: Continuous Deployment

On the 15th of September 2012 we will host a free one-day Continuous Delivery workshop in Amsterdam with industry expert Robert Chatley. The …

Slide Deck Testing & Finance 2012

The slide deck used to support the 2012 Testing & Finance talk can be found here

“Ford’s Lean” for Testing & Finance 2012

During our Testing & Finance 2012 talk we demonstrated how the concepts used by HROs can be used to manage the operational risks faced by …

The Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

We  hosted a workshop on how early decisions can have a major impact on the outcome of a project.

Case Studies »

We work in most areas of finance. This includes purely technical services, such as building models and software relating to price derivatives. But we also advise on managerial issues, for example the way data flows around an organization.. The following case studies highlight the depth of our abilities.


We helped an Anti-Virus company with: testing C++ legacy code; estimation and planning; and introducing Test-Driven-Development and code review.

Departmental Analysis

We performed an department-wide analysis of a Mortgage Bank which we were able to do because of our deep understanding of the bank and …

Cost Price Testing

We worked closely with a Dutch bank’s ALM group and their software development team to specify and later test a Cost Price Calculator. Ugly …

ALM Robot

We were asked by a large Dutch bank to help with the automatic processing and testing of data. We used our Robot technology as part of the …

Matlab Validation at Kempen & Co.

Working with Valu8, we acted for Kempen & Co to validate the valuation and hedging of the Inflation Breaker, a portfolio of ground lease …

Services »

We work in all aspects of financial engineering including technical strategy, Agile and Lean transformation, coaching and the design, maintenance, and the deployment of financial libraries (APIs).

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is about getting accurate feedback, as quickly as possible about your whole development process.

The Enigma TDD Workshop

This 3 day workshop will sharpen your test-driven-development skills, teach code review, and it does it all through the example of the German …

Lean Transformation

We can help finance companies to ‘go Lean’ – a process that can markedly improve your performance.

Product Development

Ugly Duckling specializes in building software products ranging from single-user, single-threaded test Oracles all the way to multi-user, …


We are particularly experienced in analysis and our skills are in demand from some of the world’s largest  media, finance and software companies.