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As experts in finance, we are often asked to contribute articles to trade publications and conferences. A number of these are collected below.

Enigma Code Camp at DNB (Dutch)

A report of the Enigma Workshop at DNB by Arno van Zoelen.

Performance Testing on an Agile Project

In this article for the IEEE Computer Society Jamie discusses his experience on the Daedelus project with many insights which are directly …

How Temporal Structures Make a Manager’s Life Easier

Many managers, no matter how talented, do not understand how structures create behavior.


This is the final part in a series of three, outlining how rules and procedures, priests/parasites and followers are connected.

Agile Rules and Procedures: Just Do It

This essay is about how rules and procedures are used to manipulate. It explains the high rate of failure for Agile and Lean.

Technical Articles »

Ugly Duckling often provides highly technical services. For example, we build models, software and design organizational structures. This section covers a number of these technical issues.

Continuous Delivery in a nutshell

An article to get you up-to-speed with the key concepts surrounding continuous delivery.

Simple Made Easy

This talk, from Rich Hickey, gives a stark warning of the dangers of TDD.  This is important because TDD is one way to design software but not …

The True Nature of Knowledge Acquisition

The tension between the logicians and the experimenters is based on the flawed belief that software development is about developing software. It …

Notes on High Reliability Organizations

This article is based on research we did on High Reliability Organizations (HROs) for our Testing and Finance 2012 talk. It intended as a …

First Steps in Testing

Financial institutions have similar beginnings, with spreadsheets and the odd bit of Visual Basic. Before long, these institutions fall prey to …

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These articles cover a variety of issues surrounding the work we do and the models we use. We hope that you find them useful.

The Ugly Duckling by H. C. Andersen

It was lovely summer weather in the country, and the golden corn, the green oats, and the haystacks piled up in the meadows looked beautiful. …

Continuous Delivery workshop – prerequisites

For this workshop, you will need the following...

A Reading List For Those Interested In Continuous Delivery

A list including some historical essays and the latest - and greatest - book.

Flyer 2012 Continuous Delivery Workshop

Flyer of the 15th of September 2012 Continuous Delivery workshop in Amsterdam with industry expert Robert Chatley.

Essential Truth by Descartes

Abstract taken from 'Discourse on Method' by René Descartes that inquirs in general into what is essential to the truth and certainty of a …