Join Us On An Adventure

It has been said that change managment is a contradiction in terms; change is something one does, not something one manages. If we don’t use the term change manager, however, how will Google find us?

If we had our way – which we do – we’d say we were looking for a mischief maker, a disrupter, someone who excels in spotting the lies an organisation tells itself. We find that important because that’s what a change-leader does: spots lies, gently points them out, explores new possibilities and then helps to bring these possibilities into the world.

In the role of mischief maker then it will help if you are well-balanced, courageous and have a tremendous sense of perspective. It will help if you have done this before. A good sense of humour is useful, too, although not essential as your fellow Ugly Ducklings are already quite hilarious. Vision helps, as does charisma. What won’t help, however, are:

  • Your knowledge of Prince 2.
  • Your knowledge of Six Sigma.
  • Your years of experience working within and up the hierarchy of a bureaucracy.

If you like the sound of this job, then keep reading to find out if you like the sound of us.

Why Work Here?
Ugly Duckling is a unique company. It has no hierarchy, instead it prefers a collaborative decision making structure. It doesn’t pay a wage, but instead offers each duckling a profit share. It doesn’t deal in or prosper from bullshit. It cares nothing for business lines but instead focuses on a collection of core competencies, that it constantly keeps updated, and it’s from these core competencies that Ugly Duckling services its customers – this is why we sometimes look like a software company, sometimes look like a finance company and sometimes like a management consultancy.

Beneath our activities Ugly Duckling has a utopian mission: to change the world through a dedication to finding and uncovering beauty. If you would like to change the world, too, and get paid for it, then that’s why you should work here.

If you got this far then it’s time for us to work out if we like you as much as you like us. Let one of us buy you a glass of your favorite drink and then… well, we’ll cross that next bridge together.