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Testing and Finance 2012 photo day2

Testing and Finance 2012 photo day1

XP Days, 2011, Day 1

Today was the first XpDay of the XpDays London. During the first session I got a C++ environment up and running on my machine, I coded some functionality for an Enigma machine, which I think is a good example of how collaborators are connected to their objects. I’d like to explore this further. I felt it was wise to mock the rotors so we could isolate the behaviour but Steve F disagreed and now I need to pick his brains as to what he’d have done. Here is one test (please note that the expectations for rotor one are set up in a set up method and also note the rotors going in through the constructor, as they are compulsory to the Enigma machine).

@Test public void encodes_for_three_rotors() {

  Enigma enigma = new Enigma(firstRotor, secondRotor, thirdRotor);

  context.checking(new Expectations() {{






  assertThat(enigma.encoded(PLAIN_TEXT), is(THIRD_ROTOR_RESULT));


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Scrum Gathering - My Talk About Corruption

Today – maybe as you read this – I am hosting a session at the Scrum Gathering in London.  The session is meant to be a dialogue between everyone in the room.  So, there is no speaker, as such, just a load of delegates chatting.  Depending on my final plans, we will have a loose discussion or a structured one.  I am leaning to the loose.  My aim is to teach as much as I learn, so I hope I can teach something.  Here is the general gist.  Below that I have included some reading materials and links. Continue reading

Testing and Finance Conference 2011

I wrote this yesterday on the train coming home from the Testing and Finance Conference that this year, like last year, was held in Bad Homburg, near Frankfurt, Germany.  Jorrit and I were working on some ideas which we loosely called ‘Preparationism’.  At first this was a joke, a way for me to justify my angst-driven need to succeed.  (I think Jorrit, after plucking up some courage and getting sick of me taking too long to do things, accused me of being a perfectionist. Preparationism was my defence, which shows just how far the human mind will go to defend itself.)  Once we got over the joke we started to separate angst-driven perfectionism (a bad thing) from the type of deep work we do in order to solve engineering problems (a good thing).  Preparationism was the result. Continue reading

Thanks Markplaats

Last night Ebay/Markplaats, here in Amsterdam, let us host an evening in their office.  We talked about cross-functional teams, radicals and change.  My hypothesis was that cross-functional teams are less interesting than cross-political teams.  That’s to say, cross-functional conformists are still conformists, and they don’t really belong on an engineering team. Continue reading

#BTD11 - Day 4 : Our Humble Contribution

We seemed to have done it.  Our idea was to cross reference different parts of the story of liberty with our own experiences.  We touched on the emancipation of the European Jewry, the Suffragette movement and the emancipation of black Americans.  We also looked at conservative attacks on liberty, namely the American civil war and the rise of National Socialism in Germany.  Anyone reading my blog would have seen me struggling to articulate these ideas and, frankly, not always getting it right. Continue reading

#BTD11 - Day 3 - Good Night, and Thank You

Another day has passed and we are both feeling it.  The rooms keep us awake and the conversations stimulated.  Jorrit had some work to do and we’ve wrestled valiantly with an idea we want to talk about tomorrow.  We are not 100% sure we have it nor are we 100% that we can articulate it.  Never the less, we are sure that we’ve pushed the envelope, not for its own sake, mind, for the sake of moving forward.  Moving our own thinking forward, that’s the idea, and taking as many people as we can with us.  The idea is sound.  We’d like to cross reference our experience with a number of historical examples.  From there, we can look at a model - a heuristic really - for guiding our thinking in regards to the potential success of a project.  (We are much less interested in techniques, we'll leave that to others, than we are helping people to create their own strategies.) Continue reading

#BTD11 - Day 2 - Nice Welcome

Day two, 15:34.
I was only half joking yesterday when I said conferences are dangerous.  They are in the sense that people look for quick answers and don’t develop their own philosophies for solving problems.  To say this is a problem with conferences, though, is misleading.  It’s a problem with people.  To begin to unravel the human condition starts with study, so conferences maybe a good starting point. Continue reading