The idea of a lone programmer is gone, consigned to a revisionist historian’s fantasy. The pervasive nature of software products mean that software projects only succeed when many parts of an organisation pull together. This is most true in the area of financial-engineering. System failure can cause organisational demise whereas those who ‘get it’, those who understand the nature of financial and software engineer, tend to be very successful.

Financial Agile brings together engineers and managers from various disciplines to share ideas and experiences on engineering for finance. Every month we organize meetings in the extended Randstad - Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and London. For those who want to share ideas, have a pint, or borrow a book, these events are for you.

Our mission is to create awareness, and create a movement, across the financial industry. We’d like to help give birth to financial engineering as a modern engineering dicipline. Since our goal is rather serious, we rarely are.

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