Pini Reznik specialises in deployment engineering, Docker, and the combination of Docker and Ansible for large system orchestration. Pini has contributed to Docker’s adoption in the Netherlands via his community and commercial work. Most recently Pini has led the way in the NoOps movement in an attempt to pull down the walls that divide development and operations.

Jamie Dobson specialises in the organisational change work that is required to create a culture of Continuous Delivery. Jamie is well known in both the software and finance sectors for designing and then leading numerous organisational transformations. These include the creation of Cardano’s Continuous Delivery platform and the introduction of test-and-learn cycles and second line leadership to ABN-Amro’s Mortgage Group.

Mark Coleman has introduced systems of Continuous Delivery to, among others, TomTom and ING Insurance Services and can frequently be found at meetups and conferences speaking about the advantages of reducing feedback time in software development processes. Mark is also well known for his work into value chain optimisation in software and other sectors such as finance and the music industry.

Adrian Mouat has worked in a range of organisations, both in industry and academia. For over 6 years he was a consultant at EPCC, the High Performance Computing centre within the University of Edinburgh. At EPCC he developed software and consulted to a number of large European projects as well as writing and teaching courses on Unit Testing and Cloud computing. Due to his experience in software development and cloud computing he quickly realised the potential benefits of container technologies such as Docker.