Docker Fundamentals. This is our flagship training program, for developers, system administrators and technical leads/managers. View the syllabus here.

  • Public: Standard: €475 / Early Bird: €425
  • Private: €4,500 for up to 10 students, then €300 per additional student up to a maximum of 18. 

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Quick-Start Package
This package will allow you to quickly get up to speed with Continuous Delivery methods with Docker. We’ll work with you to learn about your environment and based on that knowledge implement a working solution.

In addition, we will deliver a full day training for your engineers, developers and managers to soften the transition into the new development environment.

  • 4 days of consulting.
  • Docker fundamentals, 1 day training course.

Cost: €7,000

Walking Skeleton Package
Our engineers will work with you at your office and build a ‘Walking Skeleton’, an end-to-end system. This will flush out the risks of your project, test the organisational boundaries, whilst getting your project off to the best possible start.

The walking skeleton package combines the best tools, such as Docker and Ansible, with the best project management tools, such as impact analysis and team building. The walking skeleton package can be purchased after the quick-start.

Cost: €20,000
Duration: 10 days.

Test Automation Optimisation with Docker and Ansible
We will evaluate your current test automation setup and suggest strategies to reduce the run time of the test suites.

Using Docker, Ansible and other tools we can reduce the execution time by removing all tear down routines and by executing each test suite in a separate set of containers. By running test suites in parallel and removing set up and tear down costs we can significantly reduce the test time.

Duration: 2 days for the review.
Cost: €1500 for the review. Additional costs based on the review results.

Continuous Delivery Audit
At Ugly Duckling we say that evolution is easier when there are clear intermediate steps. These intermediate steps are collected in our Continuous Delivery maturity model.

Our engineers will work with you to evaluate where you are on the model. This work will point towards your clear next steps.

Cost: €5000
Duration: 2 days.

Professional Services
Ugly Duckling’s engineers are experts in designing Continuous Delivery pipelines, technical leadership and management, software development and operations. We can help you solve specific technical or organisational problems, or offer support as you evolve your technical capabilities.

Cost: €200 per hour.